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Inclusive Climbing Sessions

Open Sessions Every Tuesday 6-7pm

This session offers all abilities from age 5+  the opportunity to climb under supervison from our highly qualified climbing instructors.

Open Sessions Every Saturday 9am - 11am

A great session for experienced climbers or families to enjoy on the weekend, that offers all abilities from age 5+ the opportunity to climb under supervision from our highly qualified climbing coaches.

Group sessions various availability.

We welcome all groups to come and join the climbing wall.  We offer bespoke sessions depending on the needs of each group.  Whether you have a disability, are a cadet or girl guide group, to a corporate group looking for a team building session, we can support and create a great visit for you. Please use the contact form or email us to speak to a member of the team.


Adults £5

Children £3

Belaying only: £2

Coming Soon to The Rock:

Autism Friendly and SEND Community Hub at The Rock


At The Rock, we passionately share an ethos which is centered on inclusion for all.  In our Autistic and SEND sessions, we support small groups and individuals to challenge themselves, promoting healthy living activities and positive mental well-being.  We try to support as many young people as possible through our regular events, work with charities, groups and through 1:1 activities.


Through our connections, we are fortunate enough to have received training from a London based award winning charity, CASPA (Community Autistic Support Pride and Advocacy), who provide support and enriching experiences to autistic young people and their families. From our training provider, we are now proud to offer this inclusive opportunity for children and their families with neuro diverse conditions to enjoy our climbing wall experience in a safe and calm environment.


In these sessions:


We limit the number of participants to 12. It is advisable that you book online so that we can ensure a safe session.


We provide a calmer environment as possible for all members of the family to climb


We have fully qualified and neuro-diverse trained climbing coaches to support you and your child


We have a chilled tent with fairy lights and fleece blankets if a child wishes to chill out for a bit.

We have limited numbers of noise reducing earphones

We offer all climbing equipment free of charge (though own trainers/plimsolls must be worn).  

We have various types of harnesses for comfort.

When signing waivers online please include any information that will support your child in these sessions.


The Kite Harness

The Rock has a climbing harness called The Kite which is a unique harness that enables people with a range of function to enjoy climbing or the sensation of climbing. We can use it to help those who find it difficult to climb. We can help two people per session with the kite. If you would like to pre-book the kite harness for your child, please email or call us. The Kite is not in operation all the time, and needs to be set up in advance, so we need to know that you would like to use it. You are very welcome to arrange a time to visit us before your session to meet some of our coaches and to be shown the walls and harness.

We welcome you to our inclusive climbing sessions page. 

At The Rock, we offer open and group sessions for all abilities.  

It's time for festive fun at our Christmas Climbing Camp for children aged 6-14yrs. Click below to book!

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